Animals have always been a big part of Kirsty’s life, ranging from cats and dogs, native and farm animals, to many breeds of birds. They have woven their way into her heart, bringing love and happy times along with them. Through her photographs, Kirsty hopes to bring awareness and respect to the precious animals and birds who share our world, domestic and native alike.

Rappaw Prints is tucked away in the sleepy rural town of Pelverata, Tasmania.  Pelverata is not only the home of waterfalls, but also to wedge-tailed eagles, Tasmanian devils, spotted quolls, pademelons, bettongs, eastern barred bandicoots, wallabies, echidnas – including a pretty cool honey coloured one, platypus, and the list goes on!  

Living on a sheep farm on Kangaroo Island in the 90’s was where the photographic card business first came about, just sticking photos onto cards of the animals she had raised.  It was a start although after leaving the Island and heading back to Tasmania, she went to Uni to do a BFA degree as a mature aged student.  It wasn’t until a few more years later that she then slowly developed the card business further.

Rappaw Prints offer a wide range of mainly animal themed greeting cards.  Most greeting cards are blank. Greeting cards are photographed by Kirsty and printed in Australia on FSC paper using vegetable based inks. Recently a new water based varnish has been made available, and Kirsty’s latest cards and re-prints all now have this enviro-friendly finish.  

Orders can be made online (please contact Kirsty for login details and password for wholesale pricing), via email: orders@kirstypilkington.com.au or mobile phone 0448 213 152.  All cards can be viewed on Kirsty’s website.

Any quantity of cards can be ordered.  No order is too small!  Units of 5 are preferred as cards are pre-packed for super fast turnaround, although it is understood that some businesses and individuals require smaller quantities of cards.  If this is the case, one or two of whichever card appeals, is fine.

All orders receive a random selection of Heart Warmers (the size of business cards) at no extra charge.

Cards are well packed with orders posted the same day, if not the following day.

Card orders totalling $220+ are sent postage free.

Many vets choose to use Rappaw Prints cards as sympathy cards (or to welcome a new client) and like to take advantage of the “Vet Quick Order Deal”. This deal offers an extensive collection of cards and the ordering method works for vets requiring large quantities of greeting cards.  Please contact Kirsty for current order forms showing thumbnail sizes of the card images (it saves time scrolling through the entire card range).  These cards will be supplied in units of 5 or 10 and are packed in biodegradable polypropylene cello bags.  The Quick Order deal isn’t displayed on the website as it is always morphing, so please email or phone Kirsty for the current forms.  Alternatively Kirsty can select the cards if given the dog/cat/other ratios.

Huge thanks for supporting this small business.

Kirsty and Penny
Proud to be a supplier with VetPartners.
Kirsty Pilkington